According to the archaeological findings around the abandoned temple of St.Peter's, to the south-west of the village, populating Embaros is dated in the Roman era. Carved sepulchral steles that were found within the village help historians conclude the village dates between the first and second Byzantine era.

The Name

Etymology of "Embaros" is still not fully understood. Stefanos Ksanthoudidis supposes it is a leftover from Arabs, as it is not fully explained in Greek or Italian. His opinion is in agreement with the tradition according to which Arabs pillaged the villages around Embaros in 824, and as soon as they saw the beautiful valley of Embaros uttered "Embar, Embar" (="beautiful valley" in Arabic) or "Abar, Abar" (an aromatic plant).

Stylianos Aleksiou believes the name is derived from the Ancient Greeks due to its gender
and its ending.